Riddle: What has lasted over fifty years, is still fun, and has a lot to say?

Welcome to the world according to Maureen Morrissey. In a nutshell, and in somewhat of an order of importance, I am a mother of three adult children, wife of thirty three years, teacher for thirty one years, avid writer, reader, photographer, techno geek, beach baby, nature lover, ski nut and social butterfly. This roller coaster of a life, which has brought me to this point, has given me lots of fodder for stories. And I love stories; yours, mine, anyone’s at all.
This blog, which I call Ordinary Woman, Extraordinary Life, will be a place where I share thoughts on any topic that comes to mind. And those who know me personally know I have an opinion on just about everything that is on my mind. I will share photos that I hope you will enjoy, to go along with my words. Feel free to comment on my postings, and feel free to share your own stories in the comments section. Everyone of us, no matter how mundane we consider our lives, has a story to tell.
me hat on the way to Bethel Woods Furthur

me bday hat


Celebrating my first half century with family and friends and a rock band in the garage during Hurricane Irene


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