Two Weeks Down, Thirty-eight to Go

Yes, I count.  Not because I want it to go faster, and certainly not because I hate my job, as you know.  I have to keep track of our curriculum and the calendar to fit all of the required info in; and so I count.

This week was a rollercoaster ride for the kids and for me.   Monday was their first lunch time in the cafeteria, as last week was all half days.  It was also their first outdoor recess with the general population.  All went fairly well, and there were only a few kids in tears.  But officially, as of Tuesday, the honeymoon is over.  Reality has set in for my babies that they will be doing this everyday.  Because of this realization, and because they are just plain tired after their first full week, yesterday afternoon was our first disaster.

It didn’t help that one of the children was celebrating his birthday.  This is a child who is a bit “spectrum-y” meaning his social abilities are off and his impulsivity levels are high.  It also didn’t help that I have several other students who are like Ricochet Rabbit on steroids: ping ping piiinnnng! By the end of the day, the classroom was a mess, half the kids were crying, the kid allergic to peanuts had eaten the cupcake that the birthday boy later declared was made of peanut butter (it wasn’t but it took hours to get a hold of his parents and make sure), no one was listening to their teacher, and it was general chaos.  No worries, really; all to be expected.  But I had only slept fitfully the night before and my patience level was on empty.  I did hold it together, I’m proud to say.  And those babies today will learn a valuable lesson about consequences.  It’s good to be the teacher.

So off I go to finish out the week.  In general, it was a fantastic second week.  We now have a four-day weekend for the Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashana, and although we are moving and have tons of things to do and mom is coming Sunday to make matzah ball soup, I am looking forward to getting a bit of well-earned rest!

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I began writing at seven years old. My first rejection was from my mother who would not come off a nickel for a hand-published and self-illustrated scary story. Over thirty-seven years of teaching writing to elementary age children, I honed my skills in storytelling; which led to the completion of my first novel, Woven.
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