What Day Is It?

It’s Sunday, the day of rest according to the new testament.  Today is the day when everything in your life is supposed to be put on hold so you can take a stay-cation from your life.  Go to church, read a book, take a walk, watch a ballgame, stay in your pajamas all day- that’s what Sunday is supposed to be about.  Nowadays on Sunday, most of us actually are quite busy: kids’ sports, cleaning the house or grocery shopping, taking care of the business we didn’t get to on the other no-work day of the weekend.  It’s too bad that we don’t make ourselves have more downtime; our minds and bodies really need it.  Still, if you ask most people what their favorite day of the week is, they will say Sunday.  There’s just something special about it. 

What about the other days of the week?  Let’s go in order….

Monday, oh dread Monday.  There are songs about how bad it is, and expressions too.  Most people just expect it to be horrible.  “How was your day, dear?”  “Groan, typical Monday.”  Funny how we know exactly what the means without explanation.  Monday is a grumpy day for a lot of people.  They are probably ticked off about what they didn’t get done over the weekend, and they are probably thinking about how terribly far away the next weekened is.

The best thing about Tuesday is that it means Monday is over.  Your survived, and it should be a better day than the day before.  Poor Tuesday is not special in any way, in general.  No songs about it, no special name, it just doesn’t stand alone.  It’s a place holder between Monday and Wednesday.

Wednesday is Hump Day! I believe this term was probably coined by some rock-n-roll radio station that wanted to give people energy to make it through the rest of the week.  Hump Day means you are half way there!  Everybody’s workin’ for the weekend, according to one song that is often played on Wednesday.  We are on the hump, we can see that Friday and Saturday are standing on the other side, waving and yelling, “hey c’mon…let’s party!”  We are on the top of the week hill, and wheeeee down we go on the other side!

Thursday used to be another groan day, like Monday.  Back then it always felt like, holy guacamole this week is taking forever to end.  That has changed, and once again I think we have radio stations, as well as college bars, to thank for that.  It’s Thirsty Thursday, the day before crazy Friday, so come on out and get your weekend started early!  At the very least, even for those of us who aren’t in college, on Thursday we are hyper-aware that the week is almost over and the glorious weekend is truly right around the corner.

Friday, ode to Friday! TGIF…it’s over!  I put in another week, made some money or finished another week of school, and now it’s party time!!!  Funny how upbeat we all are on Fridays.  Casual Fridays at places of business are a prime example.  For a while there, before common decency took back over, people at high pressure companies wore shorts, t-shirts and sneakers to work on Fridays.  This is either ridiculous because it puts paid to the idea of ever wearing a suit, or because you just look ridiculous sitting in a plush office looking like you just returned from a picnic at Central Park.  Even those of us who have to work six days a week or have lots of homework and projects to do love Friday.  It’s a bit unreasonable to feel this way about a day of the week, but we do.

The second favorite day of the week that people will name has to be Saturday.  You can sleep in a bit, you are more relaxed, even if you have something you have to do.  Besides, you get up in the morning with a smile on your face, knowing that you still have Sunday.  In fact, I always tried to get everything done on Saturday just so I could enjoy Sunday more.  All chores that I couldn’t get to while I was working were scheduled for Saturday.  I always felt lighter on Saturday, even when I had a long to-do list.

People that I know who have retired don’t feel this way.  Neither do people who don’t work “regular” schedules.  To the former, every day is Saturday.  Most people I know that are retired are living the life of Riley- no set schedule and they get to watch the rest of the human race literally race through their weeks.  I think I see a secret smug smile on some of their faces when they think no one is watching.  I’m not jealous or anything.  I love my job, and my life the way it is.  But one day, and I know it will come faster than I think, I’ll be hiding a smug smile.  Just sayin’.  People who work what I would call odd schedules or irregular ones, take their weekends on other days.  I know that they enjoy the time off as much as anyone, but I think it must feel a bit out of sync with the rest of us and that must take some of the joy out of it.  I could be wrong on this, I’ve never been in their shoes.  This is just my working joe-centric view.

So which is my favorite day?  I do love Fridays.  And Saturdays.  And Sundays.  For all of the reasons I stated above, these days stand out for me.  And as much as I do love my job, I would not be human if I didn’t look forward to the weekends.  I try to enjoy every day as a freestanding period of time, but it’s not easy to do that, since it’s all part of a seven-day package. 

The curious side of me wants to know who started this whole thing anyway? Who decided we should work Monday through Friday, leaving the two S-days as the weekend.  You might say it was biblical, but for Jewish people Saturday is the day of rest, so that doesn’t really fly.  I also see that more and more of us are working six-day weeks, although some of us are actually packing in ten-hour days and working only until Thursday.  So if you step back, it seems kind of random that way we raise the weekend up on a pedestal. 

You know what?  This is way to deep for Sunday morning.  I’m going to go have some breakfast and coffee and think about what to do with the rest of this day.  Enjoy yours.

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I began writing at seven years old. My first rejection was from my mother who would not come off a nickel for a hand-published and self-illustrated scary story. Over thirty-seven years of teaching writing to elementary age children, I honed my skills in storytelling; which led to the completion of my first novel, Woven.
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4 Responses to What Day Is It?

  1. Mel says:

    I love this!!!!! haha! All very true, I will definitely have the case of the Mondays tomorrow

  2. I like this too, fortunately for me, I have opted out of Friday responsibilities by not signing up for class that day for 2 years ;). Oddly, it sorta screws up the norm of a 5 day work week/ 2 day weekend. Thursday is like Friday for most people out here in Buffalo (students anyway…) leaving Friday to be a work dominated day for most. So my week is broken into
    mon (not so bad since my week is pretty much 25% done with at the end of the day): 2 classes and some work to do, sleep early because of morning class.
    tue (my ‘typical Monday feeling’ because early to rise and a lot of new assignments): wake up 630am, coffee and sun(mmmm) class, work, class, a lot of work, late to bed.
    wed (sorta the Tuesday feel of a buffer day): 2 classes and more work, early to bed again.
    thurs (feels like the ‘average’ Thursday): up at 6:30am, class work, class, more work in preparation for next week.
    fri (odd day for me now): depending on the activities from the night before, although I have no class, I like to be up by 830/9am to bang out as much work as possible before the weekend, usually hang with some friends but don’t go out.
    Sat (since there was no class yesterday but I did do work, it sorta feels like Sunday): since Thursday was my last curricular day, and I usually go out, Friday feels like sat, sat feels like sun, leaving Sunday as a sorta guilty day.
    Sun (since i have a 4::3, class days to non class days schedule): I feel somewhat guilty on Sundays. Although I have some work to do, I generally have it all done before Sunday rolls around, leaving me to feel like I have neglected some assignment or duty even if this is not true.
    Also, one of my friends out here got his first full-time job this summer, and he has a hectic schedule with only 1 day off, leaving his week to be structured very differently. But enough out of philosophizing butt, off to do some work and class at 130. Have a great Thursday!!!!
    i dont have time for grammar & punctuation here so dont judge me!!!!

    • You hit on a lot of what I meant by the “irregular” schedules. I think most people believe that the majority work Monday to Friday, 9-5, and that just doesn’t seem to be the case in reality. Many many of us now work nights, weekends, 4 day weeks, even 5 on/ 2 off types of things. In the end, I guess holds true that one’s perspective is one’s reality! xxoo

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